v  To develop the educational environment that provides educational opportunities for each student of rural area.

v  To empower the students to meet challenges as active participants.

v  To encourage enthusiastic independent thinkers and learner striving for personal growth.

v  To provide quality education and to motivate students for active participation in different activities for their all round development.

“E  Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the
world.” - Nelson Mandela
We at  GC Mohna believe in providing for our students an environment
rich in knowledge and supportive of their extracurricular interests.
The college encourages a quest for knowledge that is rooted in an
ethical understanding of the world that we inhabit.
Our goal is  of  transforming students into confident
leaders,independent thinkers and creative enterpreneurs.
Providing fexible skills for today ever - changing environment.
I wish great success to each one of you and promise to provide the
best environment for your academic journey towards excellence.

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